It all starts with this vision:

Water is the origin of life. We should do everything to preserve this valuable resource.

An incredible 3.000.000 tonnes of plastics are present in our oceans – according to the latest estimates. This is as huge problem that we need to solve. ASAP.

Let’s start now!

Our mission is clear: We eliminate microplastics and tyre wear particles from surface waters like lakes and rivers to avoid further transport into the ocean. MicroBubbles supplies the ground-breaking solution for this: A revolutionized version of traditional microflotation.

Our radically innovative technology makes it possible to treat water right in the water body, without the need for external treatment tanks and spatially entirely scalable.

This scalable technology uses fine, homogenous gas bubbles to remove microplastics the water by transporting them up the water column to the surface. Without the use of chemicals. Based on solely physical principles: Since microplastics are hydrophobic, they attach to the bubbles surfaces and rise with them.

Beyond the case of microplastics, the MicroBubbles technology has the potential to revolutionize other technical fields too. From waste water treatment to environmental protection measures – how can those tiny gas bubbles help us solve the most pressing issues of our time? This is what we’re working on.

Our areas of focus:


Identification and analysis of microplastics and micropollutants

Advancing our expertise in the field of microplastics, particularly in the chemical analysis of microplastics, is key in eliminating microplastics pollution. We focus on the identification and analysis of microplastics and micropollutants in waters to assess their impact on the aquatic ecosystem. MicroBubbles brings together experts from various disciplines such as chemistry and environmental science. We use state-of-the-art technology for the analysis of microplastics and develop new approaches to reducing the level of pollution.


Microflotation for the effective elimination of microplastics and micropollutants

MicroBubbles’ R&D activities has advanced microflotation to become the key technology in modern water treatment. Our optimized microflotation technology is not only capable of treating water in-situ at microplastics hot spots, but also allows fine tuning towards the specific environments and water characteristics. This way, we can supply an individual solution for complex tasks in water treatment. With this approach MicroBubbles set new standards for sustainable and efficient water treatment.


Revolution of water treatment technology

The in-situ integration of microflotation technology marks a radical turning point for water treatment. It allows the efficient elimination of microplastics and other persistent micropollutants from waters and waste waters. MicroBubbles technology improves the over water treatment prior to, during and after the communal waste water treatment process. It opens up new perspectives for making waste water treatment systems more economical and scalable.

We share a passion: Research for clean water.

To extend our team, we are looking for motivated applicants who are keen to contribute to cleaning up water worldwide. We believe in thinking-out-of-the box and tackling problems at their roots. We are not scared of change and radical innovations. As a daughter company of the Federal Agency for Disruptive Innovation (SPRIN-D) we’re perfectly positioned to come up with disruptive innovations by making use of our strong scientific network.

What motivates us?

Progress is our everyday business. Every day is different at MicroBubbles and this creates incredibly dynamicity and motivation that fascinates me. It is exciting to be part of a team looking for innovative solutions and starts new projects constantly.

Sofia Mumber

I am able to put my own ideas forward, make changes to established processes and help to develop the business. Tackling exciting, new challenges every day helps me to grow personally and perhaps even make the world a little better.

Sebastian Sander

The open communication and the opportunity to contribute one’s own expertise to the team strengthen the trust, fun and motivation of every single employee. The MicroBubbles environment creates the space for creativity and encourages me to put forward my best every day.

Marina Huber-Gedert