A macro solution for the microplastics problem.

In the 1990s Roland Damann, founder and CTO of MicroBubbles, started his journey in the world water and waste water treatment. He’s become an expert since. The principle is simple: Hydrophic microplastics particles attach to the gas bubbles in water and rise to the surface with them. Being a visionary, those 350 projects in our 50 countries that he completed, weren’t enough. He went after the next big innovation in microflotation.

Same same, but different. The breakthrough.

MicroBubbles is revolutionizing microflotation and establishing it as the key technology in modern waste water treatment by bringing it in-situ into the water. Combined with our intelligent system control, we offer individually adaptable solutions for complex water matrices. The specialization towards the elimination of microplastics and micropollutants is a major step forward in tackling the global challenges of today. We are setting new standards for a sustainable and efficient water treatment worldwide.

Success on a new dimension:

Founded in April 2021 with the support of the Federal Agency of Disruptive Innovation (SPRIN-D), MicroBubbles grew rapidly. Our team unites expertise in mechanical engineering, meteorology, oceanography, biology, analytical chemistry and process engineering. Aside from our Inventors’ Lab Space in the Paderborn area, we are represented in Leipzig, Bayreuth and Munich. Our environment is the basis for the continuous optimization of our technology and for the creative, innovative work in our team.

The first steps are taken. Onto the next ones!

The furture provides exciting avenues to use our technology in whole ecosystems. Furthermore, MicroBubbles is working on a tool to identify microplastics hot spots to apply microflotation where it is needed most. This is essential for sustainable change.